It is such a great opportunity for us to share who we are, what we do, updates or KVI, testimonies and ways you can partner with us. As you visit different pages, we believe that you will know us better and find out how we can work together to help the needy children and destitute families in the community we serve. Our focus is children and families in a great deal of need. Many of them die every day because of poverty, disease and related issues. Together it is possible to make a difference. Once you have visited us, we feel that you are in our office or our children’s home where you can get whatever information you need to work together or donate our projects. If you are the one who have been part of the efforts we make, we feel very much honored to let you know that without your support, we could not have been to this stage. Thank you so very much and we hope to get connect each other better.

Kingdom Vision International (KVI) is an indigenous non–governmental organization established in Ethiopia in 2008.


KVI’s vision is to see a holistically transformed society through holistic integrated services.


The mission of KVI is providing holistic services to children and families in the community we serve through family and community empowerment, child protection services, capacity building, education, persons with disability, HIV/AIDS and health, WASH, and environmental protection.

Core Values

  • Integrity: we keep our integrity for all whom we serve and whom we work with
  • Love: The love we have for children and families we serve is the source of our work
  • Passion: We serve with passion and strong conviction towards the needy
  • Excellence: we are committed to be the best and the highest in what we do
  • Transformed mentality: we are here to serve selflessly those who are in need regardless of their differences.
  • Transparency: Even if we all make mistakes as human beings, we are open to learn from them and become transparent in all that we do as we have nothing that is hidden from our stakeholders and from all who are interested in working with us.
  • Work as a family: we are from different backgrounds with our own differences but organized as a family in the team which reveals oneness in all towards common goal.
  • Partners: we are open to work as partners with any one or institution who has a common goal like ours.

For this past 10 years it has helped more than 30, 000 people ( children, women, and other disadvantaged groups and individuals) through it’s empowerment, social protection, capacity building, advocacy, and community development support projects for orphans and needy families. Currently, KVI is strongly involving in community-based services mainly child protection, quality education,  and women empowerment in Addis Ababa, Southern and Oromia regions.  Dr. Eyob Kolcha is the founder and current executive director of the organization who is working with energetic, professional, and committed staff members in all its projects.

For an introduction, please see the following 10-minute documentary video produced in July 2017. Several KVI beneficiaries are interviewed. Amharic with English subtitles. For more details, see our projects page or sponsor a child.