Dr. Eyob K. Balcha is the founder and executive director of KVI (Kingdom Vision International) since the establishment in Jan 2008. Eyob has several years’ experience in the area of education, community based childcare and support, alternative childcare options, leadership, chairing in executive boards of networks and organizations both locally and internationally. Eyob holds a BA degree in Education, an MA in leadership, MSC in Project Planning & Management, and a Doctoral Degree in Transformational Leadership. He has been working with people in need in general and childen and women in particular since his elementary school days, which led him to humanitarian work. KVI was licensed in Jan 2008, and has really grown with its mission and is now able to serve thousands of children and families in particular and the community at large nationally as well as internationally. Together with its partners, it has touched numerous lives, rescued many from death, empowered women significantly, enabled orphaned children to live in family environment where they enjoy love, care and protection. More is yet to come. God has kept His promise and has shown who He is and how He cares for those who trust Him unconditionally.As part of his ten year’s strategic direction, Dr. Eyob has been working strongly on leader developing strategically so that the organization may be furthered through the people from different background and professions.